When you're in some small town and there are no bars, you might have to resort to a chain restaurant/bar to get your drink on, like Applebee's, Chili's or Hooters. We here at TYB thought it would be interesting to experience these bars and let you know our thoughts when you have to make these alternative decisions.

First of all, these places are home to the rookie bartenders, a limited bar and many tourists patrons. We don't really recommend these places, they lack character and personality, but sometimes you can't resist, especially Hooters. There is no jukebox, so you're stuck listening to the top 40 crap, and the TV's are always on sports center, which isn't all that bad, but surf, skate and snow videos are nice too.

The first place we checked out was Chili's. The service was the worst out of the three places we reviewed, we were ignored for a long time and had to wait forever. The two guys next to us were complete dweebs, talking about how much they were going to get laid because they own an ice cream store. This bar sucked! The food at Chili's is actually pretty good, but it's best to avoid the bar and get a seat in the restaurant. The slow bartender and the dull conversation really ruin the experience.

The second place was Applebee's. They have an good happy hour, $3 draft beers and $4 appetizers from 3pm - 6pm EVERYDAY! The locals take notice of this deal and attend regularly, creating a friendly environment (except for the one old annoying man who doesn't shut up.) Applebee's has a modern, full bar with good service and decent food. You definitely want to be at the bar, and not a table at Applebee's.

We saved the best for last, Hooters. Hooters is a fat balding heterosexual man's paradise, most chicks dig it too. Let's face it, the environment at Hooters is outstanding and the service is fabulous. The food is average and they also have a fantastic happy hour (3pm - 6pm and 10pm to close Mon -Thurs, half price on drinks.) There is never a dull moment at Hooters, filled with eye candy and flirty conversation, this place is awesome!

So in conclusion, avoid these cookie cutter, slider sauce, chicken wing, generic establishments and head to your local watering hole for the major rager. Hooters is the exception.


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