The Red Room
1003 Cedar
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Open 3pm to 2am Everyday, even holidays

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The Red Room is a historic site with a flare of fame in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. The bar is lit with red candles and glows with class. The locals have always enjoyed the Red Room and it's home to all the UCSC rookie drinkers too. The fully staffed bar is busy Friday and Saturday nights but service is quick. The Red Room is famous for their Bloody Mary's, a lot of love and time but very tasty. Their Bloody Mary's include a small submerged salad. Their specialty drink is the Ginger Thai Martini with ginger infused vodka. The GT Martini is real smooth, not so heavy, but refreshing and soothing.

The Red Room hosted the reception for the Miss California pageant that was held at the Coconut Grove. The Crown Room is in the back of bar where they crowned Miss California. The bar has several pictures of the contest winners in the front room. The most beautiful portrait is of Faye Lanphier, the first Miss California in 1924. She also won in 1925. She's absolutely beautiful. Some of the strong feminist groups rallied to shut down the pageant in the 1960's and succeeded. The reception was cancelled but The Red Room remained well and alive.

Occasionally celebrities frequent The Red Room. Quentin Tarantino has been sited with his local girlfriend, and a member of the band "Cracker" who now plays in the band Camper Van Beethoven also stopped in.

Relax and enjoy a Ginger Infused Vodka Martini at the Red Room.

December 2009

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