The Caravan is a classic dive bar hosting raw very loud live music and other entertainment in the heart of downtown San Jose, CA. If you're into the alternative sound; punk, metal, hardcore and the occasional rock n' roll, this is your joint.

On the corner of S. Almaden and W. San Fernando Street, right by the bus station, is the home of a long narrow bar called "The Caravan." (The bar use to be in the bus station.) The Caravan has been around since the early 1960's. This bar is open 365 days a year and will be packed on any given night. They have only 5 beers on tap, but other bottled options and a full bar. You can't go wrong with the $5 tall can of PBR. The bartenders are quick, professional and friendly, pouring cheap stiff drinks. They have Happy Hour Monday through Friday and their Late night Power Hour every night from 11pm to 12. No credit cards, The Caravan is cash only. You MUST have ID to enter the bar, even if your a senior citizen. Stamps/wristbands are provided for In's and Out's, when necessary.

Besides being one of San Jose's oldest music venues and supporting local and upcoming bands, The Caravan has DJ's, Kareoke, comedy and trivia nights too. Rarely there's a cover, almost always it's FREE but I never mind throwing down a $5 to hear some new original bands. They DO NOT allow Moshing! I actually don't mind this, the Caravan is an intimate venue, with not a lot of room to mosh, otherwise you might not see a lot of ladies. (Some recent local favorites and traveling acts to grace the stage have been Anti-Social, The Has Beens, Decry, Fuck the Band, Disvein, Sweet Hayah and Bangalore.)

The Caravan has a pool table, juke box and a TV for those seldom down times. The place is wheelchair accessible but the bathrooms are tiny and narrow, but they are clean. If you smoke, you have to smoke outside. Parking can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but there is the San Pedro parking structure just a couple of blocks away, usually only a $5 flat fee.

Take a little adventure into the abnormal, get lit on cheap booze and check out some savage heavy sounds at the Caravan. Leave your attitude at the door and lets have some fun in downtown San Jose.

98 S Almaden Ave
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 995-6220
Monday thru Friday 11am -1:45am
Saturday & Sunday 6am - 1:45am


March 2017

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