We spend so much time at the Nut House in Palo Alto, that we had to feature this gem again. What draws me to this place is the warm hospitality, it's a good old fashioned neighborhood bar. The bartenders are quick and professional, and they don't put up with any shit. The beer is cheap and the outstanding service is always appreciative and deserves to be recognized. Hands down the Nut is the best dive bar in the Bay Area.

On the Nut House crew is a very young and attractive bartender named "Michelle." I happen to catch up with Michelle on a Saturday, the TV was on and the Giants were playing the Orioles. Michelle's Oakland A's lost to the Blue Jays 4 to 5 earlier.

The first thing you notice about this girl is her warm smile, her red curly, sometimes straight hair, and her spunky positive attitude. She also has this stunning piece of artwork tattooed the full length of the back of her body that peeks out of her shirt. The local Palo Alto native, has been tending bar at the Nut for almost 2 years and been working on California Ave. for several years prior.

The bar wasn't buzzing with customers so I asked Michelle if she could mix me one of her notorious Bloody Mary's. She asked if I wanted it spicy and started to add the ingredients into a pint glass. Fresh squeezed lime and lemon, tabasco, horseradish, worcestershire, pepper and some house vodka. Then she adds ice and tomato juice. Give's it a good shake, strains it, and pours it over ice. One more splash of pepper, two pickled green beans and a green olive for garnish, and the impeccable beverage is complete.

The Bloody Mary was immaculate. It was spicy, delightful and yummy, absolutely perfect for lazy Saturday afternoon. It whisked my hang over away and I felt refreshed and replenished.

Michelle enjoys a cold Strongbrough accompanied by a shot of Hornitos when she's not working. Sometimes she mixes things up with a cider or a Kettle Greyhound. You might catch her at Mervyn's in Mountain View on one of her days off, she digs dive bars.

Michelle also has a very eclectic taste for music but narrowed it down for me to some of her favorites. Stone Temple Pilots, Alice n' Chains and one of her all time faves, Incubus, particularly the album "S.C.I.E.N.C.E."

The 24 yr. old favors the local Brown Rice Sushi restaurant on the opposite side of California Ave. in the alley. The owner takes his time preparing the fish and he's open at various unusual hours, but it's totally worth it. Michelle fancy's the Brown Rice Salad, a dish piled high with fresh fish on a bed of greens.

The Giants win with a three-run rally in the sixth inning to defeat the Baltimore Orioles, 3-2. The bar was starting to stir and it was near the end of Michelle's shift. On her day off day, she was taking her adorable 4 yr. old son to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with her boyfriend. She cherishes being a mom.

I tipped big and thanked her for the drinks.

Michelle works at the Nut House Wednesday thru Saturday from 9:30am to 6pm. Wednesday's and Saturdays are the best time to get one of her healthy delish Bloody Mary's.

(Sadly Michelle retired from the Nut House July 2015, every once in awhile you see her behind the bar at the Nut.)

Antonio's Nut House

Antonio's Nut House is a home away from home. Everyone loves the Nut. The locals, Stanford students and even the out-of-towners tell their friends, "This is a fun and cheap bar." The proof is on the walls and ceiling, literally. For a small price of $5 you can buy a ceiling tile, take it home and paint it and have it displayed on the ceiling somewhere in the bar. There is some real creative and humorous artwork throughout the bar.

The Nut house has 14 beers on tap, plus several bottled beers too, a full bar and a few wines. They also sell cigarettes, chew and lighters for reasonable prices. It's equipped with 10 flat screen high definition T.V.'s, modern juke box, 3 pool tables, fuse ball, air hockey, a few video games and a pinball machine. You can also play all the lottery games there. There's also some outside seating in front and on the side of the bar for hot summer nights or catering to those that like to smoke. And of coarse, FREE PEANUTS!

Antonio's Nut House
321 California Ave
Palo Alto, Ca 94306
open 9:30am to 2am

Taqueria Azteca

The Taqueria Azteca is located inside the bar and serves up some excellent affordable Mexican cuisine. They have a diverse menu including tasty fish and chips, juicy hamburgers with a large buffet style fixings bar, chicken, beef and pork tacos, fajitas and burritos. My personal favorite is their Sombrero Salad with chicken. Served in a big crispy light shell with fresh lettuce, seasoned grilled vegetables, meaty chicken and a dollop of sour cream and their authentic guacamole, this salad is phenomenal.

Taqueria Azteca
Monday - Tuesday 11am to 9pm
Wednesday - Saturday 11am to 12pm
Sunday - 12pm to 8pm


August 10, 2013

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