As we all know, it's the bartender that really makes the difference when you order a drink. No two bartenders pour the same drink, they have their own personal style and we wouldn't ask for their secrets. Here at Tip Your Bartender we try to give you an accurate recipe for the drinks we sample but recipe’s do vary from bar and bartender.

We entered the local bar on a Tuesday night. We ordered a couple of beers and tried to decide what we wanted to try. Three beers later (and beating Luke at pool 3 games to 0,) we chose a Tokyo Tea. We bellied up to the lime green cocktails with a cherry and slurped them down. They were sweeter than pure sugar and loaded with liquor. (Amanda hooked us up right.) I felt the cocktail was a little too overpowering and as usual, too sweet. It's like a Long Island Ice Tea but instead of coke it calls for Midori. The Coke balances the flavor in a Long Island but the Midori makes a Tokyo Tea too sweet. Luke ordered another Tokyo Tea and I had a beer. I woke up the next day with a splitting headache and had a hangover all day. That was my first and final Tokyo Tea, but I'm glad I tried it.

Tokyo Tea Recipe

0.5 oz. Gin
0.5 oz. Melon liqueur
0.5 oz. light Rum
1.0 oz. Sour mix
0.5 oz. Triple sec
0.5 oz. Vodka

Directions: shake, strain into lowball glass


Wow, what a crazy night this was! Round two went down at the Castaways. It was all good, the scene was slow, the bartender at the time was sick and not really into what we were doing. So we let it ride and ordered a few pints of beer.

Then came Amanda. Being a good person that she is, she came in and took over the shift. Amanda is always working hard, in a good mood and no matter how busy the bar is, she’ll make sure you are drinking. We asked her about the Tokyo Tea and she was down. She mixed us up a couple of strong cocktails.

I like this drink. It’s like a Long Island Ice Tea except with Madori. And yes these will kick your ass. I had about three of these Tokyo Tea’s and I was trashed. I don’t know how the night ended but all I know is that I didn’t work the next day.

This is a great kick-start drink. It’s really mellow and goes down smooth. It does the job.

A few days later I had a Tokyo Tea and it hit me hard. That night I only had one Tokyo Tea and I haven’t ordered it since.

I rate this drink high, however I will say “Drink these with CAUTION.”

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