As we all know, it's the bartender that really makes the difference when you order a drink. No two bartenders pour the same drink, they have their own personal style and we wouldn't ask for their secrets. Here at Tip Your Bartender we try to give you an accurate recipe for the drinks we sample but recipe’s do vary from bar and bartender.

I was on my way home from work when I gave Luke a call to meet me at the bar. I was in the mood for a “Buttery Nipple.”

Luke met up with me at Castaways, a bar on the eastside of Santa Cruz. A cute bartender with red hair who I’ve had never seen before was behind the bar. We ordered two Buttery Nipples. Karen whipped us up two shots with a splash of vodka for extra flavor.

The shot was thick and smooth. It was sweet but not too sweet. It wasn’t strong but full of flavor. It tasted awesome!

I get in the mood for a Buttery Nipple from time to time. These drinks don’t really pack a punch and they will get you sick if you abuse. They are perfect shot to go along with your beer after work.

Karen told us about another place she works on the weekends during the day. A place called “Brady’s” at the end of Seabright in Santa Cruz. She’s famous for Bloody Mary’s and they’re only $5! Lucas and I told her we would be there early Saturday morning.

I locked up my bike and entered Brady’s at 10:30am Saturday. Luke was already there talking to Karen while she was making his drink.

Karen takes her time and adds all the special touches to make an incredible Bloody Mary. She’ll ask you how spicy you want it, and always delivers. This isn’t just a drink, it’s a vegetable salad too. It’s well worth the $5! (It's way better than the recipe on idrink)

For a good Bloody Mary go see Karen at Brady’s.


Buttery Nipple Drink Recipe from

Ingredients to use: 1.0 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps
1.0 drop Grenadine
1.0 oz. Irish Cream

Directions: Shake with ice and pour into cocktail glass and top with a drop of grenadine

Bloody Mary Recipe from

Ingredients to use: 1.0 dash Lemon juice
1.0 Wedge Lime
0.5 tsp Tabasco
2.0 drops Tabasco
1.5 oz. Vodka
3.0 oz. Tomato Juice

Directions: Shake all ingredients (except lime wedge) with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the wedge of lime and serve.

Early in the week Rob calls me up! “Hey lets hit the Castaways and have a shot,” he said.

“Sure Bro,” I replied, and so it was on.

This night we did a shot called a “Buttery Nipple.” Even though this was a sweet shot, and I'm not to into the sugar thing, it was good.

I must admit Karen our bartender knows how to make this shot well. She added all the ingredients into a shaker and added her own personal touch with a hit of vodka and served us up.

If its a cold afternoon day, or its raining, or maybe you feel you just need a shot at lunch to get your sugar high on, and you don’t want to get super buzzed , this is a good drink. I was surprised how smooth this shot was and the after taste was quite nice. I still followed this shot up with a Sierra Nevada and called it done.


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