As we all know, it's the bartender that really makes the difference when you order a drink. No two bartenders pour the same drink, they have their own personal style and we wouldn't ask for their secrets. Here at Tip Your Bartender we try to give you an accurate recipe for the drinks we sample but recipe’s do vary from bar and bartender.
Here at Tip Your Bartender, we like to keep in the spirit of things and for this Featured Drink we chose the oh so famous, Irish Car Bomb. These drinks are the perfect starter for an interesting evening. The Irish Car Bomb is an extremely popular drink and taste absolutely delicious. It’s a not too sweet, full body, refreshing, alcoholic beverage. The double shot of Jameson and Bailey’s is dropped in the glass of Guinness and chugged down quick. The Irish Car Bomb doesn’t explode with a strong after-taste like a regular shot, it slides down the pipes with ease. So this St. Patty’s Day, or any other day, do it right with some Irish Car Bombs!

Irish Car Bombs can cause damage.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ingredients to use:
1.0 pint Guinness Beer
1.0 shot Bailey Irish Cream
1.0 shot Jameson Rye/Whiskey

Fill a pint glass 2/3 full with Guinness. Fill a double shot glass with the Bailey's and Jameson. Drop the shot glass into the pint of Guinness, and chug.

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