As we all know, it's the bartender that really makes the difference when you order a drink. No two bartenders pour the same drink, they have their own personal style and we wouldn't ask for their secrets. Here at Tip Your Bartender we try to give you an accurate recipe for the drinks we sample but recipe’s do vary from bar and bartender.

Cinnamon Toast


1 1/4 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
6 oz hot apple cider
1 tbl sugar
1 tbl cinnamon

Add hot apple cider and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum to a glass rimmed with sugar and cinnamon.

The Cinnamon Toast is a spicy treat for that special winter holiday party, or a quiet evening in front of the fire. Impress your guests with an inexpensive beverage that is guaranteed warm their souls and ease their worries. Not quite the dessert, but a soothing night cap for a good night sleep. The soft butter taste, blended with cinnamon and sugar, with that fresh unfiltered apple twist, give the Cinnamon Toast a distinct appreciation of a quality drink.

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