It was a late July in 2010 when Luke and I loaded up the truck with several surfboards and supplies, and made our journey to one of our favorite places to surf and party, Baja, Mexico. We met up with some of our old high school buddies in San Diego, stopped off at the grocery store and crossed the boarder in the humid evening. Of course we got sent to the dreaded secondary inspection but were swiftly on our way once they knew we weren’t gun smugglers.

Luke and I had not been to Baja for several years, the place had really changed. They’re erecting large hotels and several really nice homes all through-out Baja. It almost looks like a continuation of a tourist San Diego. Tijuanna still had that ghetto burning garbage stink but once we hit the toll roads it was as if we were in another world.

We arrived at a surfers paradise right on the coast in a small town 10 miles south of Rosarito called Puerta Del Mar. The Mexican palace was a perfect luxury suite for the crew of eleven anxious surfers. We did some catching up with a round of beers and then crashed out only to wake up to some great surf.

It broke left, with an occasional right, with long lines into the sandy shore and pebble beach. Once you made the drop, the ride was therapeutic. We were the only guys out. We called it “Daniel’s,” after our host. We surfed it several times a day for four days. We were in surfers heaven.

Daniel was a well known local in the small town of Puerta Del Mar and knew all the hot spots to eat and get your drink on. But there was one place that we could not live without while we were on our vacation, Splash.

Splash is a gem on the coast just a few kilometers south of Puerto Nuevo. (When the ocean is angry it crashes against the rocks in front of the restaurant and creates a giant splash. People get real excited.) Splash has a small modern bar, an island with seating all around, plus a pleasant dining area providing breath-taking seascape sunsets. There’s also a much cooler patio area where you get the real Splash experience. The small stage near the restrooms is where the local band plays authentic Mexican music, sometimes there’s music outside as well. Several TV’s are available for all the sporting events and the place is always packed with American tourists. Just opened in mid-July of 2009, Splash has quickly become a local’s favorite.

The service and food at Splash is impeccable. We mostly stuck to the delicious thirst quenching $2.50 margarita on the rocks, but sampled some of their beers on tap too. We all agreed their grilled fish tacos were to die for. At only $1.25 each, they were the best fish taco I’ve ever had. Grilled to perfection with all the fixings in a home-made corn tortilla, these fish tacos were outstanding. Ask for Lupita, she makes them the best.

After four days of surfing and hanging with the boys, we packed up the truck and made our way home. It took us at least a half hour to find the end of the line to cross the boarder, and then 2 hours to cross the boarder. I could tell Luke was tired later when we were doing 55 mph on the 405 interstate at 11 PM. Cars were flying pass us with aggravated people making obscene gestures. I told Luke to pull over, “I’ll drive,” I said.

We made it home the following day without anyone getting sick, hurt, arrested or any serious car problems. It was an unbelievable surf trip with some great guys and some good times. We’ve already started to make plans for next year, looking forward to surfing “Daniel’s” and returning to our favorite fish tacos and margaritas at Splash.

Splash is located about 5 miles south of Puerto Nuevo at KM 52 on the Free Road in Colonia El Campito.
Open Daily 10 am - 8 pm
Winter Hours 8 am - sunset
Telephone: 661.616.3907

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