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Our first Official Tip Your Bartender Pub Crawl will take place in Downtown Santa Cruz, CA on Saturday September 29, 2007. We're hitting up the Red Room, The Catalyst and the Asti. Party down with the TYB crew and drink some brews. It's all good.

10pm to 11pm ~ The Red Room ~ 1003 Cedar ~ 831.426.2994

11pm to 12pm ~ The Catalyst (upstairs) ~ 1011 Pacific Avenue ~ 831.423.1366

12pm to 2am ~ The Asti ~ 715 Pacific ~ 831.423.7337


Luke’s Review - Pub Crawl September 29, 2007

This really worked out well for me. To make a long story short, for the first time ever, as long as I’ve known Rob, this was the first time I flaked on him. I flaked hard.

About ten days earlier I decided to take a break from drinking. (Bad idea.) The Friday before the Pub Crawl I went to the Santa Cruz Roller Derby Debut Bout. I had two tall cans of Heineken before going in. I did not realize Scott's Valley roller rink sells beers. So i had three New Castle followed by four Coronas. Yeah i was buzzed!

After getting home I strolled into one of the local dive bars. Surprisingly there was live music that night with a good crew hanging out. I had three shots of whiskey and I was done.

The next day I was hurt. I had good intentions of hooking up with Rob at 10pm. Around 5pm I had about 3 beers at a birthday party and by 8pm it was lights out.

Rob was bent and for a good reason. I mean after all, we planed this out, and I had contributed
nothing to the TYB cause in a long time.

Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction new band “Satellite Party” came into town that following Wednesday and he saved my ass. I bought Rob a ticket and paid for his drinks that night. Perry Farrell put on a good show. Rob got over the fact I flaked.