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Our second Official Tip Your Bartender Pub Crawl will take place in Downtown San Jose on March 28th, 2009. We'll be going to the Sharks game at HP Pavillon and then Britantia Arms, The Caravan and The Blank Club (Blank Club moved to the Ritz) to check out Insolence. Look for the TYB Jamboree. Party down with the TYB crew and drink some brews. It's all good.

Our second official Pub Crawl went about as good as our first. I was the one who floundered this time. (We both forgot our cameras.)

The night started out with a bang. It was my actual birthday on that warm Saturday night, so I was ready for anything. I was in the company of close friends and good spirits. I had a few beers at a friends house and some shots in the Jamboree (Luke came prepared for the festivities with food, beer and vodka.) We attended the Sharks game (hockey, for those who don’t watch sports) where the Sharks beat the Phoenix Coyotes 2 to 3. Excellent game, but when it’s your birthday everyone wants to buy you a drink, so I had a few of those $8 beers at the Tank. I was pretty faded by the time we started walking back to the Jamboree and one of my friends just disappeared, M.I.A.. He was hurting bad.

Luke whipped up a few Bloody Mary’s in the TYB Jamboree after the game and I was done. I started to spin, got sick, I was out. Luke was ready to rage in downtown San Jose and I’m crashed out. He carried on the duties of the TYB Pub Crawl and charged out on the streets of San Jose solo, hitting all the bars and clubs.

The next day there was a small high school reunion party at the park. I wasn’t hurting with a hangover, but by 11 am we were drinking Bloody Mary’s again. We had a great time and saw several people we had not seen for ages. Good times.

I will be ready for the next Pub Crawl.


Yeah! Here we go! Pub Crawl #2! Ironically, our second official pub crawl would only include one of us from the TYB crew. This time it was I who made the pub crawl, and ironically the reason rob couldn’t make it this time was because of alcohol.

Rob’s birthday pub crawl was a blast! Rob and some of his friend’s hit-it early in-the-day at their house and The Britannia arms in San Jose. They didn’t make it to the TYB RV until around 6:30 pm, one hour before game time, and one hour to do it right with Luke “the Duke” in the TYB RV.

At this point Rob and friend’s had no idea what I had in store for them. I had to play catch-up so I passed out some beers and started mixing myself a fat drink. Sky vodka, O.J., pineapple juice and 7up. My drink of choice. (I don’t like soda water so I always replace it with 7up.) I made this drink strong and bold.

After a few chugs , I new this one would be hard to finish. And all of a sudden I hear, “could I have a shot?”

“Sure,” I reply, “we all can.”

I mixed this big fat drink a little more stiff than usual and four shot glasses later, “Cheers!” Bam! Down it went. “Wait there’s more, cheers!” Bam down it went. “Wait there’s more!” OK, you get the idea. Three shots each! If I would have consumed that monster by myself I would have been blasted!

So now its time to walk to the sharks game. I did my best to catch-up and now my friends are trashed!

We made it to the Shark Tank in good time. Once inside I immediately ordered Rob and myself a beer. I try not to buy the 8 dollar 16 oz beers but it was Robs birthday and it was on.

Mike (P-shote,) a buddy of ours, ordered the next round in the second period. This guy, another fan, whom shares a mutual birthday with Rob, got the next beer in the third period. Drinks were plenty and plenty expensive.

The sharks won the game on Robs Birthday so we were all STOKED! and BUZZED! We made it back to the TYB RV and I started to cook some quesadeas and passed out a round of beers. One-by-one these guys were dropping off.

Scott never even made it back to the TYB RV. I don’t even think he made thru the third period. MIA see ya!

Next I lost rob. After spending a few moments paying respect, Rob was out and done for the night.

P-shote was OK but I figured you start the day with Rob you end the night with Rob. With that I was off. Pub Crawl #2 here I go.

I started off at the Caravan. This is my favorite bar in San Jose. However this night it wasn’t really doing it for me. The club was packed with dudes. I don’t need a bar full of woman, however when there’s 40 guys and 3 ladies and one of the ladies was the bartender, and one of the other girls was the singer in the band, that was playing at the time, “aaaarrrr.” A little to much male testosterone going around. Since I wasn’t from San Jose and I was alone, I was over it. The caravan usually always has live music, reasonable priced drinks, and a lively diverse crowd. If you are down for a alternative old school feel, you must check out the caravan.

The next stop was the Blank Club, “aaaarrrrr,” next! I didn’t even need to go in. I’m not down with the Nazi feeling the door guys give at that blank club, if their having a bad night. “So, NEXT!

My next two stops were the Voodoo Lounge and Johnny V’s. Two great clubs in downtown that do a great job supporting the struggling local music scene. Both places were packed and I wasn’t down for the cover charges on this night, not knowing any of the bands on the line-up and rolling solo.

I cruised the streets of San Jose and the whole downtown area was packed. Every bar was full, every club had a line to get in. Spring was in the air and people were enjoying it. On some nights downtown I could sense when things are a little on edge or people are pissed, some times you could sense trouble in the area. This night it was all good. No fights everyone was smiling and happy and just having a good time. Just the way I like it.

So I have been walking around for about an hour and not finding the right place to get myself a drink. I asked a few people including a taxi driver, a door guy at a hotel and a few stragglers, if there was a place I could listen to some blues or jazz, or something different. I stumped everyone. There has to be more to San Jose then hip-hop and alternative music. I just couldn’t seem to find it. I was over it, my feet kind of hurt and I figured I would go back to the TYB RV and check in with the crew.

Just then I look up and across the street and I see a huge sign, “Original Joe’s.” Hell yeah! I’m going in there. I really didn’t want to call it a night and it was my brothers birthday as well. He wasn’t with me but his name is Joe.

So I cruise into Original Joe’s and liked what I saw. It was just what I was looking for. Original Joe’s is a classy classic restaurant. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what they serve but there were lots of tables filled with satisfied patrons eating and drinking and listening to some solid classic oldies.

I hit the bar in the back and order myself a Guinness. I ended up talking to a few people and making some new friends. I ended up drinking three more Guinness’s and closing the bar. Original Joe’s is cool. I’m definitely going back there next time I’m in SJ. I’d like to see what they are really all about.

I made it back to the TYB RV and Rob and Mike were both crashed out. It was late and I was tired, so it didn’t take me long to crash out too. All-in-all, I had a great time at Rob’s birthday and in San Jose.

I kicked back a few drinks during this Pub Crawl but was drinking Bloody Mary’s the next morning at our 20 year high school reunion Barbecue. I rate my hangover a 8.


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