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Hell yeah pub crawl! TYB is on! San Francisco!

Rob put together an itinerary of three bars to hit on our official TYB Pub Crawl Three. It’s a Saturday night, so obviously I lagged. I think I was supposed to pick Rob up at 5:30, we’ll just say I got to his house before 9. I had to put myself in check for the pre-party drinks in which Rob had at least three and I had none. It was my turn to drive the RV and I was on it! We got to the city in record time. We hit the 101 with no traffic, and bang, we parked the RV in front of a abandoned church, walking distance to all three bars and it wasn’t even 10 o’clock. I cracked open a brewski as we hung out a little in the RV and made our plan. We kind of knew where all the bars were located but we scanned the map just to make sure we didn’t end up walking around in circles. Club 93 was our first stop.

At first I thought we had hit a total dive bar, with the low lights, a few pool tables and not too many people hanging out, but a few spun looking kids in the back. We sat at the bar and quickly made conversation with the bartender who happened to be the owner. We both ordered a shot and a beer. I had a Jameson and Rob had a Hornitos. For some reason the Hornitos sounded better at the time, so I asked the bartender to bring me a shot of Hornitos instead. This guy was either a total rookie or a good businessman because he brought me both shots. I’ve never ordered a shot of whiskey and a tequila chaser. I called him on it. He was cool about it and told me I didn’t have to pay for the shot, but he also didn’t offer it to me. Being a good drinker, I bought the shot and tipped him five bucks.

Rob got lucky and beat me at pool. Twice. Time to go. We noticed some night time dance activity as we headed out. There is a small stage with a poll right in the front of the bar as you walk through the door. This bar is cool. A great stop to get your night going.

Next was Butter. I was stoked to check this place out. I heard lots of good stuff about this bar, and it was time for me to see what it’s all about. Butter is located almost straight across the street from the DNA Lounge and Slims 333. Butter is a really fun bar. Cheep finger food including tater tots and fried Twinkies. The drink menu was insane. There was about ten mixed drinks to choose from, all of them seemed to be really good, and didn’t break the bank. Any bar that sells tall cans and serves beer in a bag is rad. It’s 2010, better party like it! There is also a few beers on tap. PBR’S were like three bucks. There must have been at least four guys working the bar and two bar-backs. The place was packed all night and there was never anyone standing around waiting for a drink. These guys obviously liked their jobs, it showed. Good job guys, you kicked ass! Talking about kicking ass, the side of the bar Rob and I were hanging out, was jammed packed with women. I don’t know what the night was all about, but the ratio was about 30 women to Rob and I. Most of the women there were lesbian, just having fun with their girlfriends. Whatever, everyone was having a good time and I was having a BLAST! Not to mention the DJ kicked ass as well. I never did get his name, but his old school pop mixes got the house jumping all night long. I did meet a few dudes that night from the east bay that wondered over to our side of the bar. Any bar that people are easy to mingle with and have some good laughs is a great place for me.

The two o’clock hour came fast and we didn’t even hit the Holy Cow. (That is another sign of a great bar, if time runs out and you are completely oblivious to what time it really is.) We hit The Holy Cow in the morning to take a few pictures. We’ll be back.

We did sleep really well. It rained in the city that night and we parked on a street with little traffic. I think we woke up around 9:30 am. I don’t even sleep that late at my own house.

If you didn’t make this pub crawl, be sure to hit the next one. If if all else fails, make sure to hit BUTTER the next time your in the city. You wont be disappointed. Cheers!


Club 93
93 9th Street
415 621-6333

354 11th Street
415 863-5964

Holly Cow
1535 Folsom
415 621-6087

Our third Official Tip Your Bartender Pub Crawl was way more successful than our first two. For this pub crawl we were both present and armed with a camera, even though Luke’s camera broke by the end of the night. Although we didn’t make every bar, we were satisfied with our results.

We started out around 11pm, hitting up Club 93. This quiet small swanky bar on 9th street had a lot to offer. They had two bartenders, which was over-kill since the bar wasn’t really that busy, but you knew this place could go off. They had a great drink special which included any beer and shot for only $10, I had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a shot of Horrnitos. The entertainment at this place was anything but dull, that’s usually the case when your in SF. They had two pool tables, where I schooled Luke two games to none, some funky tunes and some lovely dancing. This place has a sweet vibe, it's a fun place to party.

We then made our way over to Butter. Butter is an absolute gem. The place was popping and worth the $5 cover charge. The DJ played all the top favorites as sexy girls danced on the bar. Everyone was cutting a rug.. We sipped on $3 Pabst all night long, enjoying the trailer trash atmosphere and the four speedy bartenders. We had a blast at Butter. We had so much fun we ended the Pub Crawl there when we got kicked out at 2am.

Although we didn’t make it to the Holy Cow, we stopped by the next morning to take an outside look of what we missed. It was at that point Luke and I decided that we were going to have to do this again. We’ll keep you posted on a SF SOMA TYB Pub Crawl II.

Thanks for all who came out!







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