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"All Aboard the Tip Your Bartender CalTrain Pub Crawl!"

California Ave.
(Antonio's Nuthouse, 321 S California Ave, Palo Alto, 650-321-2550)

(Steamies, 3401 Pacific Blvd San Mateo, (650) 393-4344)

Hayward Park
(Bucky's Cocktail Lounge, 101 South Blvd, San Mateo, 650-349-4711)

San Mateo
(McGovern's Bar, 215 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, 650-375-8435)

For our fourth Pub Crawl we took Cal Train!

It was about 7:30 pm when I met up with Luke and the others at Antonio's Nut House in Palo Alto. The super cute bartender Michelle poured us a few pints as we talked over our plans for the evening. The Giant's were playing the Padre's when we left for the train station down the street. A $10 round trip ticket was our key to an unforgettable drinking evening.

First bar was Steamie's at the Hillsdale stop. The tiny little bar had some classic character and some real love for the San Francisco Giant's. Of coarse the game was on when we arrived. The modern pub had one pool table, a juke box and Christmas lights hanging on the walls, and decked out with everything Giant's. Carrie the bartender said Steamie's was the original bar for Bay Meadows, this is where all the jockey's came to drink. It's been around since 1951. The massage parlor next door was the added extra flavor that made this place an unique/authentic establishment.

Next stop, Bucky's, at Hayward Park. The unoccupied stop was a little nerve racking, a dark stop with lots of tags on the walls, but the bar was just down the street. The Giant's were making a come back and everyone was into the game. A great environment to watch the game with several large flat screens. Bucky's only has two beers on tap, Budweiser and Miller, we had Jack and cokes. This long shady dim-lit bar had some old school flavor. Bill the bartender said there is some crazy Hillsdale history here, the walls can prove it. Bucky's is a big supporters of Bay Area athletes. Bill also said Kris Kristofferson use to frequent the bar back in the day. Ángel Pagán got the clinch hit to win the game, Giant's win 2 to 3! The Bucky's crowd went wild.

We were on the way back to the station when we missed our train! We snapped into quick action and called a cab to take us to McGovern's.

McGovern's was a hip young happening spot in the heart of downtown San Mateo. It was a wide open bar with stylish comfortable booths and chairs. They had the classic antique cash registers and very large mirrors behind them on the walls. This was a classy joint, no tank tops. They had a full bar and several beers on tap. We tried the Trumer Pils. The pool tables were active all night. Don't remember too much at this point, only that we have a train to catch.

We grabbed a train home with all the happy Giant's fans. Let's go Giants!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Let's do it again!

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