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My birthday debacle started the week before at guitar fish festival in Tahoe ca 4 days of festivities live music, drinking ,hanging in the river and mtn biking. I arrived back in Santa Cruz to start the real B day celebration. Saturday is my birthday but Thursday was Poker Night. I took third  place and stayed up parting tell 3am getting primed. After waking up to a short day of work   My son fabiano and I head off to meet rob   We quickly had a few drinks including some jack Daniels lemonade hurt your self getting sick drink to start our train trip to San Jose to see the legends 3rd world. Taking a quick stop at the caravan a dive bar in SJ and a once club I used to play music at when with the barnickels. Third world was off the hook. It was not that crowded but had a great vibe and a great mix of lady's  and gents. Once again I went to bed late and woke up hurt but not stopping yet pre game is over   ITS MY BIRTHDAY!  I I started my day riding demolition forest in nisen marks forest aptos Ca   A brutal up hill to ride a sick single track called flow. World renown it was  sick and kicked my ass but totally worth it! then we had to ride out. 6 miles up 3 miles down and 4 miles back up to your car get out. yeah ! It was a great work out.  I had planed to have a ragging party at my house with a band and a DJ. For my 48th b day . But since I wreaked myself at guitar fish the weekend before I canceled the party, Yeah right. , my friends wanted nothing to do with that cancelation  30 people showed up and we threw down the toco tequila party. Game on ! And game on it was ! Extra innings hear we come. We ragged tell mid night and my B day celebration was over, so I though . Fabiano got me oakland athletic tickets for Sunday's game. 12 seats behind home plate. are you kidding?We were hurt from the last three nights but stil seemed to be able to pack a few medelos down befor we went into  the game. my son had a few inside. I ha one. I keeped myself in check because I had to drive. I am stoked that the occ. is now selling tall cans of corona bud and 805. Still $9 bucks but seems more like a deal when you are posted up behind home plate with a tall can! Let's Go Oakland ! Game was over A's won 4-0 with 3 home runs and took the sweep to Detroit.  On our way home we decided to hit up Naka sushi. Like we have not done enough we threw down $200 bucks worth of fish and sake. Not hard to do ! we got wreaked both in the head and in the belly !   It was great to see Naka and Keyko, since the move and change of the restraint i have visited them less frequent. Still amazing !  But not the same Naka nation !  I am super happy for them because they are killing it! And always busy. I am happy for keyko, she now has a lot of good helpers to keep up with new flow of the restaurant.   wow! Is this party over! the party is never over if your enjoying life in which case I am. But since I woke up on Monday August 6th I have taken a sabbatical from drinking and have been sober for 2 weeks !   Cheers to me! Now ! off to Burning Man !   

August 3rd, 4th & 5th of 2018





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