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Its Friday night May 27,2011, two days before Memorial Day! I was so exited about this show that I showed up a week early. My bad. Tonight is going to be kick ass! "Dusted Angel" and "Doors to Nowhere" will be taking over "The Blue."

On Friday nights the Blue Lagoon sells 2 dollar Tecates, 2 dollar PBR'S and has a variety of shots for 3 bucks. WOW! The best deal in downtown Santa Cruz! The Blue is one of the most legitimate clubs in town. Everyday of the week there is a live band and/or a DJ. Reggae night on Tuesday's goes off! The Blue also has 2 pool tables and about 8 TV's. Ninety percent of the time I go downtown, I go to The Blue. I would say it's my favorite nightclub.

Tip Your Bartender has decided to pick up on the music scene (look for Music on Tap in the future) and we figured there was no one better place to start than with Clifford Dinsmore. For obvious reasons. Clifford is a bartender at The Mediterranean in Aptos, CA and also the front man/vocalist for the hard rocking band "Dusted Angel." This guy has an amazing deep sound and you can understand every word that he is singing. He fuels you with his high energy and his strong stage presence. Clifford is backed up by 4 very talented and seasoned musicians. This band is very heavy but easy to listen to. Dusted Angel is not the same old Metallica want-a-be band, or the metal band you can't understand shit and is way too loud. These guys sound great and they kill it! Dusted Angel has produced a very unique sound, a new sound, something we have been missing. Something that when you listen to, you feel like you want in and you want more. I have been in need of some new shit and now I am addicted. I want more DUSTED ANGEL!

I was able to hook up with Clifford for a few minutes and this is how it went.

L: Cool. Cool. Cool. What's up Clifford how you doing? How's life?
C: Pretty good.
L: Good, good! Straight to the point. What's on tap for Dusted Angel this summer?
C: Ah shoot! I know at the end of fall we are supposed to finish up the Fu Man Chu stuff we started, do some shows with those guys and then a few shows in Los Angeles, then a few in San Diego, some southern California shows in the end of August. We are playing in Oakland on June 11th and pretty much finish breaking-in our new drummer Steve Ilse, and finish up the new stuff for the new record.
L: Cool. Cool. I was going to ask about the new drummer change. Is that a permanent drummer change?
C: Yep, Yep! If he is into it, we are into it.
L: Right on, he sounded great good job, good job!
The Fu Man Chu. How's working with the Fu Man Chu ? You guys do a lot of stuff with them?
C: Yeah it's great, they're great. They're always cool man. They're one of my favorite bands and they're old friends. It works out really well, to go out with them and it's just a lot of fun. It's a good match up when we get together.
L: Great match. And the LP? I have it. It sounds great. How's the response?
C: It's been pretty good so far. We are stoked on it but we are looking forward to a lot of the new stuff. We think it's going to blow doors on the stuff we already put out.
L: The music is good but its kind of nice and fresh to get a LP. It's been a long time.
C: Yeah! You're right. It's kind of cool to have it out.
L: The name "Dusted Angel," I love the name. Where did it come from and what does it mean to the band?
C: I don't know. Probable having some bad PCP experiences in Jr. High. To tell you the truth. And then when I was in Gargantuan we had a song called "Angelically Dusted." When thinking of a name I thought about Angelically Dusted, but it sounded kind-of Gothic. Then I shorted it to Dusted Angel. No one was really sure about the name but then we finished the song and it was kind of mutual. We all looked at each other and said we have to call ourselves Dusted Angel. That's the name of the band.

(John Lorance walks by a good friend of Clifford and mine and said to us)
JL: A good transition from under the bridge!
L: Yeah! John Lorense always in transition!
L: You work at the Med. Has there been live music there, are you responsible for all that?
C: I was going to be, but it all got shot down. The fuck'n pigs walked in, threw their weight around and …
L: And no more shows.
C: We just need to get the right license and all that shit.
L: Yeah. Make it legal and legit.
C: Yeah. That's the way to do it. HaHAHA!
L: And what about smoking? Still smoking in the bar?
C: NO.
L: NO? Wow! All right!
C: No it all got shut down. They killed the music and the smoking in the same week. I think they always had it out for us. But that's alright we are survivors. We have been dealing with the same shit for as long as I have been there. Pretty much since the late 60's. You know what I mean? It's always been the eyesore of the community. But people love the place, I love the place. I have been there for 8 years. It is what it is! And people appreciate that element of it as much as yuppies. The pigs and the politicians hate it. But people really enjoy being there.
L: You don't smoke? Your not smoking?
C: No No but I am not there for my health I am there to make fucking money!
L: Are you drinking?
C: Occasionally. I don't drink at work, ever!
L: What's in the ipod or the CD player? Two bands throw them out there.
C: aaah Shit! God I don't know?
L: Fu Man Chu?
C: Fu Man Chu is always great!
L: Bar Nickels? No.
C: Yeah Bar Nickels! I just saw the Melvin's in the city. I don't know there really isn't anything out there now that's getting me that excited. You know what I mean?
L: Dusted Angel is defiantly doing it for me right now. You guys are killing it! California? I know you been on the road a lot in your 20 something years of music but one club that sticks out in your mind. In California where's the place to play?
C: God. I love the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco and Casbah in San Diego. Those are my two favorite places for sure.
L: Any closing thoughts, a message, personal, something with the band, something for anybody. What do have to say? What's up? Life is good?
C: Yep! Do your own thing! Don't give a shit about what other people think as long as you're not disrespecting anyone else. Just do what ever the fuck you want!
L: That's it! Clifford we have been friends a long time!
C: Right on Lucas!
L: I am stoked on your musical carrier. I am stoked for Dusted Angel to go farther. You guys are killing it! I enjoyed the show, the energy was good, and your vocals are insane. The whole band is rocking! I wish you guys well in the future, good hanging with you! Thanks for your time!
C: Thank You!

Well that was bad ass! But it's not over yet. I ran into Gogog vocalist from a Band of Orcs! He was a little busy keeping us humans in-check at the main gate into the club!
L: What's up with you guys this summer, you doing anything cool?
GG: Yesss! DESTRUCTION! End All human kind!@#$%#@!@%$#@…
L: Slaying Blood here keeping these humans in-order tonight or is it pretty mellow?
GG: They stand in line, in single file. That's all! Go away human!
L: YEAH! Human Death! Thank you!
GG: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
A band of Orcs and the Stellar Corpses are touring together throughout parts of the US later this summer. STOKED!

The night was getting late and we were on our way out when I happened to run into another good friend of mine from the band "Doors to Nowhere."

L: Yeah I am here with Mark Lewis guitar player for Doors to Nowhere! Good show tonight!
ML: Thanks!
L: What's on tap for you guys this summer?
ML: New album. Going to record in a few weeks.
L: Who are you recording with?
ML: Joe Clements, local boy!
L: And that will be your second album?
ML: Yeah! Second album! Now we got Pete on drums. (Pete Testorff)
L: Yeah I noticed he was killing it tonight. How long has Pete been jamming with you guys?
ML: Six months.
L: And Doors to Nowhere. Where did that name come from?
ML: Just thought of it. Haha! I thought it was pretty trippy and it clicked! Actually a long time ago I picked it out for a band name and never did anything with it. We needed a band name and it just stuck.
L: And your bass player what's his name?
ML: Shan.
L: You guys have any up coming shows?
ML: Hopefully some stuff local and SF and down south.
L: Are you drinking or are you sober?
ML: A little of both.
L: If you are going out to the bar with your sweetheart what are you ordering?
ML: I like Jamison on the rocks or Coors light.
L: What's in the CD or ipod?
ML: Right now on my ipod on the way over here. Clutch! Last Tyrant!
L: And your next shows?
ML: Late June at the Catalyst.
L: Nice, good talking with you Bro! Any last comments to the community. Closing statement, anything?
ML: Hey man keep tipping your bartender and keep local arts alive.
L: There you go brother!
ML: Yeah!
L: Cool!

Last but not least I ran into Jessica?
L: Anyway I am here with Jessica! How you doing? DAMN! You going to do a rap for us? Come on!
J: HaHaHA!
L: Come on!

Well yes the night had to end but not after a kick ass show with a lot of friends in attendance. We always party responsibly and our designated driver did a excellent job staying sober. Cheers to you girl! I didn't get that buzzed throughout the night, but I never made it to work the next day.

I rate my hang over with a low 3 but a 10 for a great night of live music and drinks with good friends. CHEERS! - Luke

Listen to Dusted Angel

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge
923 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4429
(831) 423-7117

The Mediterranean
265 Center Avenue, Aptos, CA 95003-4467
(831) 688-7004

Strong Life Soup

Thursday night was a Jamison and Sierra Nevada blur, only to wake to one of the worst hang over I've had in a long time. Some how I made it through a day of work, but my head kept pounding and I felt like I was going to puke all day. We were going to a show at The Blue Lagoon, Dusted Angel, but we had to make a pit stop at Aqua Bleu to meet up with some friends. I was still hurtin and it was 9pm. Our lovely bartender Jen asked me what I was drinking, I said "water." She told me she was a little hung too, coincidentally, she had a night of Jamison and Sierra Nevada's too. She told me she was going to buy me a bowl of some marvelous soup called "Strong Life, which is an excellent hang over cure." The soup was great! It's like a bowl of Miso soup on crack, with ginger, rice and tasty goodness. It's a popular item at this fabulous restaurant/bar. This soup and the epic heavy rock of Dusted Angel cured my hangover. I was ready to drink at 1am. Thanks Jen!

Aqua Bleu is a great place for some downtown dining, especially if you're into seafood and the bartenders are way cool too.


Aqua Bleu
1108 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4415
(831) 423-6999

Aqua Bleu is now closed.


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