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Nesta Robert Marley, or commonly known as Bob Marley, was born February 6, 1945. Born in Jamaica, he was a musical icon, a poet, a profit and a leader in the Rastafarian movement. His life was cut short after being diagnosed with cancer, and died at the young age of 36, in 1981. Today people world wide, of all ages and ethnic groups, still listen and are influenced by his music. On February 6, 2013, all across the globe, we not only celebrated his birthday, but his life, his great achievements and his positive energy. When we listen to one of his songs we remember a legend.

While listening to the KZSC college radio I heard Conscious Creation was having a birthday bash in honor of the late and great Bob Marley. I could not think of a better way to spend my Wednesday, then hanging out with some of my best friends, eating and drinking, great food and beer, in honor of one of my biggest heros.

Rob came over to my house early to kick back a few "pre-celebration" beers and then we we're out. We picked up our friend Scott on the way, our girlfriends' were at work and met up with us at the party. We showed up a little early and surprised our host by crashing through the back gate. We had a few moments to talk to the owner and my good friend Luis. Luis has been working at Conscious Creation for several years now. Joshua Keen, owner and cook, was preparing some of the nights healthy grinds. They were also busy helping the band and DJ set up while we sat and enjoyed some Bob Marley and the Whalers with a few pints of cold beer.

On tap was the Santa Cruz Mountain Brew, IPA, Amber, Stout and Wheat. Conscious Creation also offers a fine wine selection from the local Santa Cruz Mountain wineries. A cabernet and a Pacific Redwood organic, including a merlot, Syrah and a pinot noir. They do serve a few other wines, and a variety of beers in the bottle.

Once the specials were posted for the night we placed our order and worked up an appetite. Rob and I ordered the savory chicken enchilada's. These were more like a chicken lasagna. A fat proportion, complemented with a kale and green salad with some brown rice. The lasagna like dish had a smoky tomato sauce and some heavenly chicken surrounded by some decadent tortillas. The flavors and aromas of the dish were incredible. Anyone who can make a grubbing kale salad can fill my belly easily. My girlfriend ordered a green salad with tofu. When she was eating, three times, three different people asked her what she ordered. It was a big hit, especially for a salad.

Menu choices change daily at Conscious Creation depending on what's in season. On their daily appetizer menu, you will find fish tacos, harvest nachos, grilled sandwiches, wraps, Acai bowls, Chameleon brown rice plates and soups. They do a great job supporting local, healthy and organic eating at a reasonable price. Great proportions and outstanding flavor.

Once we were done eating the party really started to go off. The DJ for the night killed it. He spun a good mix of older and newer Bob Marley, and some more current various reggae artists for the celebration. After the DJ, the band Ancestree took to the stage. A local Santa Cruz roots band. Unfortunately only part of the band showed, do to the space available in the restaurant, but they still jammed out and everyone danced. The vibe was warm and friendly as we celebrated Bob's birthday.

I knew I would see a few of my friends but I had no idea it would turn into a full reunion. I saw my friend Agusto and his wife Susan. ("How great it was to see him?" He had a bad skateboard accident that almost took his life.) I've know him since 1992. My great friend Jeff P., caretaker of the Pigeon Point lighthouse for the past 15 years. I've know him since 1989, along with Micky Dread. (One of the first white guys to sport the dreads back in the late 80's early 90's. He's still sporting the long dread locks. I cut mine a long time ago.) I also saw my friend Anthony and his girl. Good times.

I didn't really have to work the next day and I wasn't driving, so I didn't stop slugging down the Amber's til about 1am. This made for a lagging morning. We looked at the surf instead of surfing. Rob, as usual, got stuck being hung over with Luke.

The Conscious Creations Cafe is on Soquel Ave, right across from The Crepe Place near the Rio Theater. It's a snug little bistro full of flavor and local attitude. Supporting the local Santa Cruz farmers, The Conscious Creations Cafe provides some delicious and nutritious meals. This is a gem of a healthy spot. You can also buy or sell surfboards out of the restaurant! Wax and leashes too! The owner is a surfer, and most definitely a kind and humbled human being. This is the place to eat if you're in Santa Cruz, visit The Conscious Creation Cafe.

Open 8am to 2pm everyday

Conscious Creations Cafe
1121 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Ph (831) 427-9269

Conscious Creations Cafe is now closed to the Public.

Click here for Conscious Creations Catering


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