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It all started with a couple of brews. Black Flag can still blast punk rock!

A drippy busy Tuesday set the table for this unbelievable evening. We barbecued some tasty dead animal with a salad and sipped on some brews before we met up with Zeke. The night was brisk and the air was electric. We then made our way to dirty downtown Santa Cruz. Mike (187-CALM) met up with us in the parking lot, one more beer. The cops didn't mind.

We were early and got a seat by the rail over-looking the scene. The place started to fill up quick with the first band, "'Good For You,' a band formed by Mike Vallely (Skateboarding legend and front man of Revolution Mother and Mike V & The Rats) and Greg Ginn of Black Flag." These guys are old but they still got it. The kids that were there, were into it and the pit was alive.

We each bought a round of drinks, we were getting pickled. The waitress was fantastic and the bartenders were quick. The staff at the Cat is always professional. The joint was packed with a lot of old-school punk rockers in their 40's. We blended.

We had to ask the question, "Is Punk Rock Dead?" Conclusion: Punk Rock will probably die when this generation dies. We hope not but there wasn't a lot of under-aged delinquents raising hell there. The kids these days don't listen to substance, just vapor.

"Black Flag, has reformed and is in the process of putting finishing touches on a new album with founder Greg Ginn (guitarist, primary songwriter, and sole continuous member) on guitar and Ron Reyes (Jealous Again era) on vocals."

Black Flag lit the place up. The vibe was raw and abrasive. They played a full set of classics, Rise Above, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, Damaged, Six Pack, White Minority.... and some new ones, The Chase, Down in the Dirt... It was an explosive gig. The mosh pit filled the floor, even the ladies were into it.

For some old dudes, Black Flag is making a fighting come back. They sounded tight, aggressive and loud, making an impact branded in punk rock hearts. The absence of Henry was at first a concern, that would have been cool, but Ron Reyes belted out some reasoning.

We departed into the late night with our ears ringing and humming, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie. Luke's disgruntled brother was home making noises and something to eat when we crashed out.

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