So round two at Bocci Cellar went a little like this. Since round one was a blurry mess, I wanted to get to Bocci's sober, and I did.

Bocci Cellar is a really cool place. It's a restaurant, bar with live music and karaoke, a game room and a place to play Bocci!

Bocci Cellar is nestled in the industrial area behind Costco and Harvy West Park in Santa Cruz. The parking kind of sucks but its well worth the experience.

As you enter the back side of this old santa cruz home you get the feeling of "Where the hell are we going?"

Once you step into this joint your like, " Damn how come I never been here before?"

The actual bar itself is really cool, a flat slab of wood that's wide and easy to hang. The actual bar-room is a little small but it makes good for live intimate shows when the bands are rocking out.

It doesn’t seem like the restaurant is that big, however there are plenty of tables to grab yourself some food. There's a great menu that should please your appetite. If your down for an appetizer to enjoy with your date, or a full plate of food with the family, Bocci Cellar can accommodate.

In the back part of the bar lies two bocci ball courts and a back porch area that could easily handle a large crowd for dining, ...and I believe darts. There’s a bar in the back so you don't have to go back inside every time you need a drink.

When Rob and I showed up the place was slammed. People were finishing their dinners and rocking out to the sounds of Cabin Fever.

This three piece band is filled with great classic rock rhythms that will keep your feet moving.

Faith was a little busy at the time so we started off with a few Pale Ales.

After the kitchen closed and the crowed thinned out, we got to spend some time hanging out with Faith. We started out with a drinking race, slamming down some Sailor Jerry Specials. I got the largest drink and came close to winning but round one went to Faith.

After a few more beers we started drinking... “Alright here we go mixing it up beers, rum, beer, rum, beers, rum,.... “I’m getting buzzed.”

By now the bar was thinning out and we actually got to party with owner, Roger. You won’t experience Bocci’s Cellar entirely until you kick back a little with Roger. This guy is a classic, you can tell he really likes what he’s doing and likes to laugh and tell some real good jokes. He has a lot of them.

Buy this time I was over the beers and straight up on the rum and juice. I didn’t realize it at the time but i was getting *!@% up!

Rob and I took a few practice rolls on the Bocci court and took more pictures. The game of Bocci ball seems to be cool. One person or a team starts of buy rolling a small stone a little smaller then a tennis ball. You roll it down a long runway, about forty feet long and four feet wide. After you roll the small ball you take turns rolling a larger ball, softball size, to see who could come closer to the little ball. I’m not quite sure if that's the whole game and not even sure if the definition I gave you is that accurate. However it give’s you an idea.

If your on a double date this could be a great place to hang out, have a few drinks and become a Bocci ball master. It’s definitely something new and different.

The night ended quick and it was time to go. Rob and I had a great time hanging out at Bocci Cellar and with Faith and Roger.

Faith delivered! We hold no expectations on any of our missions, however I feel Faith went out of her way to make sure we had a great time, and we did.

To top off the night we made it back safely to Robs house. This was only the second time I crashed on robs couch since he moved into his new place. I wasted no time in christening the porcelain throne after eating a piece of chicken the moment I walked in the door.

I was proud to think I was the first to puke at Robs new place but was bummed to find out a mutual friend had beat me to it on Rob’s birthday.

The next day i was hurting I didn’t think the day was going to be that bad because I actually got to stay in bed tell nine. However by twelve-thirty I was feeling like shit and was really needing the hair of the dog.

I thought I’d rate this hangover low, with 10 being the worst, I gave this one a 6.5

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