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So here we go! After a long delay we finally set off on a TYB mission. Aptos, California was the call. TYB is stoked on the RV. We could party, we could accommodate and crash, and WE DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE!

We parked the RV and hit The Mediterranean. It’s been a long time but the Med has not changed a bit. Low lights, smoky bar and the Aptos crew hanging enjoying life. There’s a pool table and a killer pizza joint next door. We went in side for a quick drink after pizza and met up with the bartender Clifford.

Clifford has been at the Med for a long time and know his sh*t! He also happens to be a music icon of Santa Cruz. Playing in bands like BLAST! from the old school, and Space boy, Garganchula, and most recent Dusted Angel!

We started the night off with a few Pale Ales at the Med and then took a walk. We ended up having a quick drink at the WindJammer. Even though this bar is small it always seems to have a local enthusiastic crowd throwing darts enjoying the spirits. (Not the raging bar but a good place to take your friend out for a night cap.) The WindJammer has been know for bringing in some great local, and international talent to stage. The BarNickels even played their once or twice. It’s like I said, it’s a small bar but don’t let it fool you, you will have a good time.

So the main purpose of this mission was to check out the Verve! Its hard for me to say the Ver- because to me it will always be the Aptos Club, and second, CRAZYS! Anyway, they remodeled the place and changed it all up. I don’t want to dis’ the place because of pricey drinks but it was the first time I was there, and I really felt we lost something special to the underground music, and the history of alternative music in Santa Cruz. After a few Jack and cokes, my thoughts sure changed. The place turned out to be alright. The bartenders were full of good energy. The drinks came quick and tasty. The outside patio area was set-up killer for summer nights and was filled with outdoor heaters for the cold ones. There was one pool table, and most importantly, a stage. The Verve offers live music and supports it! Every Tuesday night is open mic. Yes, if you want to rock out, sign up and claim your 5 minutes of fame. We had to start heading back, so we said our good-byes to our friends behind the bar and took off.

Rob and I were really not that buzzed and thought we were in for a good night sleep and no hangover.


On our way back to the RV we had to pass the Med. OPEN read the sign. “Lets go.” Rob insisted that he owed me a beer so I was stoked! We sat at the far corner of the bar and had no idea what to order. As a new bartender came to ask us what we want I saw a huge sign right in front of my face, “Pabst Blue Ribbon one dollar and 22 oz. tall cans two dollars.”

“Are you kidding!” I don’t think I ever ordered a 22 oz tall can in a bar for two bucks! “Hell yeah it was on!”

Rob and I started to kick some back. We heard it all that night, family prison story’s..., The Big Fish story... , the you know what I’m saying story...

"Wow!" It was late, I was buzzed, time to go.

We tipped our bartender, said our thanks for letting us close the bar on Pabst, and it was all good, until the next morning when it was time to wake up.

You should know if you drink regularly that you should never underestimate your hangover before your done drinking. I thought I was on a good one and the next thing you know I’m waking up hurt. If it wasn’t for the late night 40 oz of Pabst, I would have been OK. But the reality is, that’s not the way we do it.

I rate this hang over high, with an 7.5 out of 10 being the worst.

The Mediterranean
265 Center Avenue
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 688-7004

The WindJammer
1 Rancho Del Mar
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 685-1587

The Verve
7941 Soquel Dr
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 662-2247


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