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It was a chilly Friday night in October and we were at the local high school taking in a Jr. Varsity football game. Fabiano, Luke’s son, had scored three touchdowns and lead the team to a 32 to 2 victory. He and his buddy Lucas, the quarterback, played the entire game, both offense and defense. Luke was on the field working the chains after a long hard day at work, and Jena, Luke’s better half, and I were in the stands stunned by the boys athletic performance. It was Homecoming and the place was packed.

After the game we headed back to Luke’s for a quick beer and contemplate on where to get some grub. We wanted some fish and decided on one of Luke’s staples, Sushi Nation. He hits it up at least once a week. We loaded up the bikes in the truck and headed to the spot, just a few blocks away. Right as Luke tried to open the door we saw the light turn off and the lock click into place. Luke screamed, “Noooooo!” Just then someone peeked through the window and opened the door to our surprise.

Lucas! Come on in,” a small Asian woman replied with a big grin. She turned on the lights and cracked open a Sapporo filling three glasses. “Sake?” She asked.

“Of course,” Luke said, as if there was any doubt.

She brought us a bottle and three small cups of warm sake. We all toasted, took the shot of the hot beverage and ordered some sushi. Three orders of Hamachi naguri and a California Special roll. The owners hooked us up with extra treats, some sauté Hamachi cheek, and several more bottles of sake on the house. They absolutely love Luke.

I had to asked the question at 9:03 PM, “Do you have to work tomorrow?”

He said “Yes, I have about a half day of work that I have to do in the morning.”

After 6 bottles of Sake and some tasty fish we were satisfied and headed a few blocks away to Zeke’s house, Luke’s long time friend. We stopped off on the way and picked up some beer and cranberry juice for the festivities.

I had to ask again at 10:20 PM, “Are you working tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’m working, maybe working on some bottom turns,” he jokes. “No really, I have good intentions of working.”

When we arrived, the house was full of kids, Zeke, his wife Tracy and their friend, Maya, were all in desperate need of some adult time and drinks. Zeke whipped up all of us some vodka cranberries and we got the party started. We got a tour of the place, including the garage where he displayed all his surfboards including the brand new one he just got for his son, a sweet feather-weight Thruster. A drum set sat in the middle of the garage but was off limits since it was already too late in the evening to play, the neighbors love the drums. We also took a look at all the kids artwork on the walls inside, it added a special warm fuzzy family feeling to the hallway, there were some real talented drawings. A vintage poster of advertising Bam Margera appearance at a local shop was in the bathroom. Zeke’s place had some fine family Santa Cruz style.

We enjoyed an amusing evening at Zeke’s until the booze was gone. We said our good-bye’s and hopped on the bikes to the local bar. We were all buzzed and there was no way any of us were driving.

We entered the Castaways and ordered some beers, Luke stayed outside with the dog and talked to some friends while they smoked a cig, and then almost broke his elbow skating the parking lot. I schooled Jena in a game of pool as we sipped on our brews in the swanky bar. After our drinks we hopped back on the bikes and made our way back to Luke’s.

We savored some chili and chips when we returned to Luke’s crib and crashed out watching ultimate cage fighting. The time was 1:28 am when I asked the question again, “are you working tomorrow Luke?” He said he was “down for working” as he staggered towards the couch with a plate of food.

Morning came early but there was no activity at Luke’s pad at 9:28 am. We made coffee, watched the Exorcist, The Beginning, and drank water because that’s what you do when your hung over with Luke. By the time I left, Luke was curled up on the floor with Jena and the G dog watching TV.

He never made it to work.



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