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It was Saturday March 27th 2010 and I was at a small barbecue on the east side of Santa Cruz with Luke, Jena, Mike and Scott. We were sipping on some Newcastles, grilling some burgers and talking about 40th birthdays. I was to turn 40 at midnight. We also talked art. The host, Mike Riley was a talented artist and we had a lot in common. After checking out some of his paintings we said our good-bye’s and headed back to Luke’s place.

We picked up Luke’s brother, Joe, and made our way over to Zeke’s crib for some special grubbin’s, spare ribs and gumbo. The food was delicious! We had a few beers and laughs, telling surf stories and listening to punk rock. After everyone wished Joe and I a happy birthday, we bounced back to Lukes.

We prepped the RV for an adventure. We loaded the RV with food, surfboards and wetsuits and started to head downtown for a shot and a beer. On the way we decided to skip the bar scene and stop off at the liquor store instead. Since it was my 40th b-day I suggested drinking 40’s. We grabbed 4 40oz Mickey’s. It was Joe’s 45th birthday as well (the same exact day!) I suggested drinking a Colt 45, but we couldn't’t find one. After we bought beer, shots, charcoal, water and other supplies, we piled in the RV and headed north to Waddell Creek.

We parked along the road and had a great midnight moonlight view of the ocean. We then cracked the 40’s and it was on. We were in the perfect setting for an unbelievable night but we were missing one important thing, music. The radio lost reception as soon as we were out of Santa Cruz and we had no tunes. For the entire evening and the next day we were singing 40oz to Freedom (by Sublime) consistently, even though we didn’t know the words. We all have heard the song a million times but we all couldn’t grasp the lyrics. It was still the theme song to the party. After the 40’s were gone, and shots of vodka were fired, we all passed out and woke up to some amazing surf.

It was now officially Joe’s and my birthday and I was hung over with Luke. My head hurt and I felt really nauseous. The smell of malt liquor and dog hair contributed to my lousy condition. (No offense G-dog.) I couldn’t sleep and was up early checking the surf with Luke. Before I knew it, Luke was suited up and in the water catching some fun waves with a few other guys, I could barely move. I was hurtin for certain. Jena and Joe slept-in as long as they could, I think they were feeling it too. Luke surfed some lefts for about an hour or two before he came in and made some food.

We were at the beach until mid-afternoon, grilling burgers, eating nachos and watching others surf on a beautiful perfect sunny day. The waves got a little nasty in the afternoon, closing out with some big surf as the tide went out. Some guys got pounded.

We then headed back to Santa Cruz, hung over and humming the 40oz to Freedom song in the TYB RV. It was the perfect 40th birthday party.

I'm old.


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