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A few weeks ago Rob bought a ticket for me to the Black Uhuru show at Moe's Alley. It's on. I asked my girlfriend Kim if she would drive, if I bought her a ticket. She immediately agreed to the terms and was our designated driver. I knew the show would most likely sell out, so I had to get her in the door without fail. I stopped by Moe's around 6pm the day of the show and they were almost sold out. Good thing I stopped off to buy her a ticket.

I went back to my house and started kicking back the Modelos. Kim and Rob were both on their way and I'm starting to get really fired up. Black Uhuru is not just one of my favorite all time bands, but I have been rocking out to these guys for over twenty years . Rob and I saw them several times in high school in the late eighties. After everyone showed up Rob and I slammed one more tall-can and we were out.

We got there around 9:30 pm, pretty early for a Reggae show at Moe's. Even though Kim was our driver, she was still entitled to a few drinks. She only had two glasses of wine in four hours. Moe's only offers a Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc. The wine was average. Kim's night was on me, so no complaints from her. I was drinking New Castles and Rob was on the Sierra Nevada. Its funny how our beer of choice will remain the same. Also on tap is Santa Cruz Amber, Blue Moon, Big Daddy IPA, Pro Light/Amstell Light and Guinness. Moe's has a full bar and bottle beers available too.

I was getting my buzz on and Kim and I were dancing to the DJ, then all of as sudden Gavinchi Brown came on. He's a really talented artist that rocked, I would say he killed it. His act consisted of a lot of mix dub and crowd participation. I caught up with Gavinchi for a few words after the show. He's a cool dude.

When Black Uhuru finally came on the crowd erupted. Moe's is a small venue with a great sound system, this place gets packed and fills up with smoke fast. I understand that most Reggae shows fill up with pot smoke and I can handle that, but this night had a bad mix of cigar and cigarette smoke too. It kind of killed it for Kim and I, almost to the point that I might not return to see another show. I understand Moe's only allows smoking on the patio but this was ridiculous.

But Black Uhuru did not disappoint. They played a lot of songs that brought back great memories. They rocked it for almost two hours. Kim and I cut it up the whole set, except when we needed to go outside and get some fresh air.

I woke up in the morning with a sore throat. NOT STOKED! I don't complain about bars that allow smoking inside, I just don't go there. Moe's is a great club, don't get me wrong, but I don't smoke and I can't handle smoking.

This was still a kick ass show. We drank responsible and got buzzed up. I woke a little hurt in the morning and decided there would be no better breakfast than eggs and churizo. Rob woke up hung over too, he ate breakfast and took off to go surf. I waited till noon, headed down to the Capitola Art and Wine festival and started drinking beers to the sounds of a local favorite band, Extra large. The perfect way to end the weekend.


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