It was May 6, 2008. Luke and I were determined to return to Bocci's Cellar. Our last visit proved that Bocci's Cellar was something unique and different, we had to do a follow up and get details on how this place is an original happy house.

Bocci’s Cellar is just off highway 9 at 140 Encinal in Santa Cruz, CA. The restaurant/bar is some unique architecture near the railroad tracks. Las Animas Concrete is just behind the bar and Bocci’s is usually packed with their workers come happy hour.

We met Faith at about 10pm in the dim lit bar. Faith has been working at Bocci's Cellar for about a year and a half and currently works Monday and Tuesday nights. You could say Faith is a professional bartender and has lots of experience, including managing places like Club Caution in downtown SC. She’s also won Good Times Best Bartender twice. She's cheerful chic who enjoys the infamous bartender drink, Fernet-Branca. She likes getting her customers lit up.

The restaurant/bar inside is kind of small but cozy and cute. It’s got a warm hospitality feeling to it. The glassware is composed of all different styles of glasses, adding a trademark to the bar. Food service was closing when we got there so we missed out on the tasty cuisine. We had a delicious sampler last visit and we’re positive we will return and indulge in some more of Bocci's culinary classics.

We ordered a round of Sierra Nevada's and listen to the bands' jam's. We were blessed with the music of "Cabin Fever." These guys can belt out the best Simon and Garfunkle. They added the spice to the bar that set the mood for the evening. There’s live music at Bocci’s EVERY NIGHT! It’s truly an overwhelming experience the variety of talented composed musicians Bocci's provides, from good old fashioned rock and roll, to experimental, original sounds. People were cutting the rug too.

Luke and I checked out the place and started taking some pics. They have two Bocci's Ball courts that are the focal point of the joint. They're pretty cool and it's a fun time playing Bocci. (I stink and so does Luke.) They also have an outside dining area with another bar and a TV. There are 3 dart boards outside and some seriously competitive dart players there. They also have this beautiful chair outside made from one piece of wood. It's almost like a natural redwood throne.

We headed back inside and Faith hooked us up with one of her legendary cocktail's, A Sailor Jerry Special.

Sailor Jerry Run, good strong rum.
splash of coke
splash of soda water

Slam, the first one wins.


Faith beat us all. This was on the strong side and went down smooth. Not too sweet, good drink.

We were then introduced to Roger, the owner of the establishment. Roger is a fascinating guy who loves life. He’s outspoken and full of jokes and humor. He’s really into classic TV theme songs. Roger keeps the party going and everyone happy. This is his second time owning the bar after he took off to South America.

After a few more beers Faith busted out a Captain Caveman:

Captain Morgan
Malibu run
pineapple juice
Orange juice

served over ice

These are tasty good. I’m not big on Captain Morgan, but from time to time I do have a little Captain in me.

We then asked Faith a few questions:
Three favorite places to eat?
1. Harbor Cafe - 7th Street
2. The Warf House - Filet
3. Bocci’s Cellar - Ribeye, mushroom gravy and onions

CD’s in the Player?
1. Megadeath - Killing is My Business
2. Chevelle
- An Evening with Diablo

The night was full of laughter and fun. Cabin Fever rocked, Roger was cracking jokes and Faith was pouring stiffies. We strongly recommend you check out Bocci’s Cellar for a little Bocci's ball fun, tasty meals and an incredible unique bar experience.

Bocci’s Cellar
140 Encinal.
Santa Cruz, CA

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