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The Gutter Flower Shot is an acquired taste, a “hair of the dog” cocktail, for the wicked wake-up experience. The coffee and Half & Half really kick this drink to the curb, creamy and grimy, making it an original dirty blossom. This is not your normal mud iced coffee but a small dose of funky survival for the constant party animal in a busy concrete jungle. 

Red Bull
Iced Coffee
Half & Half

Mix vodka, Red Bull, coffee and cream with ice, shake well, pour into shot glasses.



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The Cranberry Sunrise is a bright burst of fruit, a sweet sensation. The blend of orange juice and cranberry juice tickles the vodka pleasantly, and the touch of candy grenadine gives it a climax, simply refreshing. This scrumptious cocktail will aim to please all of your party guests.
Turn it up this summer with The Cranberry Sunrise.

Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice

Over ice, add vodka, cranberry juice, then the orange juice. Top off with 3 dashes of grenadine. Garnish with orange slice and a cherry.




The Burn lives up to its name, the heat is horrendous, but not without a sense of curiosity. Have you ever added salt to your shot of vodka? This spicy shooter is a perfect ice-breaker with friends. Light up your spirits and catch a fever for the fire, The Burn will leave you painlessly surprised.

1 shot of Vodka
5 dashes of Tobasco Sauce
2 dashes of salt
2 dashes of pepper

Pour shot of vodka. Add 5 dashes of Tobasco Sauce. 2 dashes of salt. 2 dashes of pepper. Slam!
You’ve been burned.




Aviator Fuel is quick way to get elevated and lifted. The Sprite, lemonade combo provide a level landing for the vodka, a smooth glide into a foggy haze away from your worries and troubles. Take a first class chilled flight to your stimulating destination. Gas up with some Aviator Fuel for your next party.

1 part vodka
1 part Sprite
1 part lemonade

Chill all ingredients and serve in a chilled glass (no ice.)




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The Bay Breeze is a classic summer solution to the boring vodka cranberry. Just a little pineapple juice can make a fruity world of difference. With top shelf vodka, The Bay Breeze is a sure pool party pleaser or even a dive bar delight. Enjoy a Bay Breeze and take a vacation from the vodka cranberry.

3 parts Vodka
1 part cranberry juice
1 part pineapple juice

First, add cubed ice, then add vodka, then add pineapple juice, then add cranberry juice for color





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The Mexican H’ors d’oeuvre brings the FUEGO! This flame thrower should come with a warning; puede causar acidez estomacal! (May Cause Heartburn!)  Muy caliente!  I’m not sure I enjoyed this one, I have to admit, too much heat in the cocina. But don’t knock it till you try it, it’s worth the experience, but may I suggest a noontime experience, before a Mexican banquete.

1 shot Hornitos
1 slice Jalapeno
5 dashes Tobasco sauce

Place the jalapeno on the bottom of a shot glass and fill the glass with tequila. Next add 5 healthy dashes of Tobasco sauce and slam! Be sure to catch the jalapeno in your mouth while swallowing the rest. Chew the jalapeno separately, truly savoring the spicy treat.




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The Caesar rules of spice and heat, to your feeble quiet taste buds. The Caesar is fire with a boost of Clamato juice. A healthy choice. Best enjoyed midmorning or as an afternoon delight. The Caesar is simple and inexpensive to compose. Take charge and enjoy a Caesar today.

Clamato Juice
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Line rim of glass with Tajin. Over ice, add vodka and fill with Clamato Juice. Then add 3 dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire.





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The Jameson Paloma is a sweet and tasty delicious beverage. A citrus explosion with a splash of spice, a rip on a tequila classic. (Whiskey lovers unite!) Enjoy some peace and relax with a Jameson Paloma.

(Yes that is a lime in the picture, we have yellow limes)

Tajin rim.
1part Jameson
Juice of 1 lime
4 parts citrus soda (Squirt)

Over ice, stir







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